Sunday, 2 November 2014

[of rindu UK]

Yes. Been there (The United Kingdom) for almost three years. Truly, I missed the place. Miss the place for teaches me the value of grateful,appreciating, friendship, trust and love.

1. Value of being grateful

First of all, I really was/am grateful for being chosen as one of those who can further the study abroad. Ask everyone. Are there anyone who do not think of furthering study overseas? *well, there might be some, but I believe most of use would dream of it. Right?*.To Allah the Almighty, thank you for placing me here. There are a lot of things that I valued. Of family, friends, teachers and of course myself. 

The view in the UK was really a breathtaking. Plymouth is situated at the end of England-near the sea. There is one place here called Land's End. Fuhh! Such a great place! Thank you Allah for giving me opportunity to view such a fantastic view!

This s Land's End. The end of England.

2. Value of appreciating

I appreciate the hard work done by the government.I also value the effort done by lecturers (especially in IPG KKB). To Madam Nori who we know for being soo strict, ask us to this and that, thank you so much! I still remembered the day when we hiked Stong mountain in Gua Musang - in rainy day! Pheww! And it was still fresh in my mind when I asked madam,

Me: Madam, what if it rains? (considering that the hiking would be cancelled)
Madam: If it rains, then we wet.
Me: ...........

Plymouth-the place I study, is hilly and it turns out that it s pretty wet especially when the weather changes.!! Aha! From that point, there was really 'serve at my right' thinking that I kept complaining doing the hiking years ago. Besides, we did also activities like kayaking, field trip (to Kedah, KL, Sarawak) and organizing some programs/events with schools. Phew! Too many things we did in our foundation course and yet too much complaints! HAHA! Because we (read I) could not see the treasure that hide between those activities. Madam was trying to teach us the value of friendship/cooperation/work hard/independent and strength. Once again. Thank you madam.

Besides, I also realise that I appreciate myself more. How? Truly speaking, being in the UK has changed myself. Not a lot. But quite a major for my appearance and behaviour. I am not a really a modest person. (sama je sekarang pun). hehe. But to join usrah (gatherinf for the sake of sharing) and joining some programs held by the students there, has somehow opened up my heart and mind in Islam. Yes. In m own religion. As time flies, I changed the way I appeared in public (I guess not much, but still there is). I am no wearing a niqab,or long veil, but at least I am not selimpangkan my tudung anymore. Also, I controlled my personality especially in front of boys. Dah tak menyanyi rock kapak kuat-kuat dah. Uhuxs! I really miss usrah time. I still can remember when there were seniors of cohort 5 and marjon 1, we will held a gathering to recite al-Kahfi. Then some sharing and makan-makan. Quite awkward at first,, Maklumlah, x pernah baca kahfi setiap Jumaat pun, but it becomes a routine after a few practices. Sampai satu tahap, rasa kosong pulak kalau usrah is postponed or cancelled. -.-

3. Value of friendship

Being in a place when we are far apart from our families make us feel stronger together. We always organise events to promote Malaysia to the English, which we need to cook and plan things together. This kind of events helped us to know each other better and indirectly made our friendship greater. 

4. Value of trust

Trust to Allah the Almighty, trust to myself and trust to friends. I felt this when I go travelling-especially during the semester break. The most fundamental is trust Allah. I depend a lot on Allah's mercy and help. We know we need Allah when we have no people around, don't we? -.-....  When I went travelling with friends,I put my trust on them. Of anything happens, we can somehow rely on them. Most importantly, trusting yourself. This is because we are strangers at somebody's place. In most of the decision, we should make it on our own.And if we do not trust ourselves, how do we decide?

5. Value of love

I found that my love towards the religion, country, family and friends become stronger. When we are far from our family, we felt something is missing and slowly love grows. UK is different from Malaysia. There are more differences than the similarities in term of food, weather, people and culture. And these differences made my love to Malaysia becomes stronger and greater. #LoveIslam #Loveyourfamily #Loveyourcountry #LoveMalaysia 

Once again, thank you UK! Thank you Plymouth!

That's all. Bye

**On top of these, I miss the strong wifi there! BHAHAHA! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

[activities at home] ... so far

Pejam celik Pejam celik, it's near 5 months at home : unemployed...hehee.. okay.Let's look ta this in a positive way. I always remind myself, appreciate and utilise my time at home.Don't regret when you are occupied with load of works later!!

Some of my friends were really lucky as they got temporary job. Some work as a teacher, photographer, shop keeper, nanny, mother (is this counted as a job?) , wife (eh, is this a job too?),, mihmihmih,.. Well, congratulations for those who are enjoying the job. Grab the experience as much as you can!! Well, back to me. I've done so many things at home. 

1. House-daughter (replacing house-wife) 

I cleaned up my house. (Well, we have moved on the last day of Ramadhan since there was water shortage at Quarters Klinik). This was an abrupt decision. Okay back to house-daughter job. I cooked for lunch, dinner and breakfast (sometimes). Well, I really enjoy cooking. It was a pleasure to see people have a good time eating dishes that I prepared. Don't you feel the same? Mihmih.. Besides, I also washing clothes, towels and bed sheet. Well, that was a normal job I guess. But I reckon it's a good practice when I have my own house. 

2. Cooking/Baking

Well, in last September, I joined some classes under Kolej Komuniti Bandar DarulAman (KKBD). KKBD provided some short-courses like culinary, automobile, sewing, Microsoft Office skill, and website making. Most of the students who came plan to start a business. Forget not who come for sharpen their skill. There were also some entrepreneur among housewives who sell (cookies/cakes/frozen currypuff) from home. Among all the courses, what attracted me the most was course related to culinary. My first class was cupcake and decoration course. It was really fantastic. I know the secret of making delicious cupcake (which is not told in the internet) ~ngehngeh. That's the different between learning in a class and learn by yourself.  I also attended pizza making course and Kek Lapis. Wehuuu!! Fantastic! Amazing! I got to know some new friends.But the most important thing is cooking teaches me to be more patient

 Pizza Making

 Kek Lapis

New friends

Cupcake and decoration

3. Watching movies/TV show/reality program

I watched a lot of movies. Movies that I saved in my hard disk. Recently I watched Harry Potter (from episode 1 until episode 7 part 2). When I rewatch it, there was something that I've just realised. Harry Potter is more about friendship and value of love (towards family/teachers/friends). It's not only about all those magics. I also watched Sherlock Holmes, Hindi and some Korean movies. Well, after watching those movies, I got an idea to use some scenes in the class. How? I planned to print screen the scene, print it/project to the wall, ask students to describe the picture. OR the pictures can also be used for the students to draw (where they work in pair-describe and draw). 

I got the idea from this book 

Besides, my time is also used by watching TV. I love to watch reality TV show. Currently I am following Super Spontan 2014 and Daie' Millenia. Some might say that Super Spontan is not a proper knowledgeable TV show. But not for me. Super Spontan has actually taught me some games which I can use in a classroom. It provides spontaneous games such as creating dialogue according to the alphabets, 'soal-menyoal', describing place where one representative should guess what place it is and many more. Shockingly, yesterday I found the 'soal-menyoal' game in the above book. Look at this!

This 'soal-menyoal' game could help the students to think of various kind of questioning techniques as long as it suits with the topic. Don't you find it interesting?

I guess there are a lot to do while we are at home.  Don't get bored!Plan well!

footnote: I came across Dr Maza and Tun Dr Mahathir's statuses and I found that they are always busy with activities. Wow! They don't even waste any second in their life. Like what this guy said,

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

[open your heart and give love]

Few days ago, I read a short story (an experience actually) from Chicken Soup for the Soul. This experience was shared by Alan Cohen. The story was about a guy who was in love with a girl - but not for the girl. So,he made a move to talk with her - at a shopping mall where she works. In turns out that the girl didn't give any sign of interested with him. 
*disappointed mood on*

So, here comes the second attempt. He made a card for her. He managed to give it to her. Unluckily, the same thing occurred. The girl simply replied 'Thanks' without even looking at the card yet. So, he just made an exit.  

However, this pity guy felt extraordinary ease after he confessed his feeling to her (by giving card). All the ill-at-ease feeling turned out to be great! He felt ease. Why? Do you want to know WHY?

After he made the exit, he realised that the point was about  expressing his love to the lady. Not about the girl accepting and returning his love. He learnt one new thing - that he should open his heart, give love without requiring anything in return. I love this phrase. We can actually reflect on our life. We (read me) always do something by hoping people's value and appreciation. We hope people will praise and treasure us.  Well, that's bad. Really bad. People's thoughts/values shouldn't be the priority of us to do something. Because we will  be very hurtful if they don't value us. So, come on,start now! Change our behaviour. It's about giving - not receiving. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

[Fucuk masak lemak]

The recipe for today is Fucuk Masak Lemak


Coconut milk (two parts [diluted and concentrated])


1- Soak the fucuk and the partners for 10 - 15 minutes
2-Tumbuk dua ulas shallots and anchovies (A)
3- Masukkan the diluted cocounut milk + A + fucuk.
4- Cook it for a while until it becomes seething. Put the egg in. 
5-Put the concentrated coconut milk and some salt.

Fucuk and the partners


Sunday, 6 July 2014

[Lempeng a.k.a pancake]

It has been a long time since I last posted on recipe. So, for this Ramadhan + break before I have my posting, I'll share as much as recipe that I learn and try at home. And you know what, I think I have fallen in love with cooking. Yeah. I like it. :D Alright. This entry will be about pancake. Or in Malay, we call it 'lempeng', na naa naa.. not Lempang okay?! 

So here we go, the ingredients needed are:

Plain flour
Salt & Sugar [S&S]
Coconut flakes
Egg [1]

1-- Mix all ingredients that I've highlighted above. About the quantity, Well, it's up to you. It depends on how many servings are you making. 
2-- Melt the butter in a pan. Then, spread the mixture above. If you are good enough, you can make a circle shape of it. Haa!! Macam dekat kedai tu. Like mine, memang x menjadi lah.
3-- After garing, you flip the pancake. Then it's done~!!

Hahaha!! Look at my pancake. When I flipped it, dia macam berpecah pulakk.. Haish!

And this one was after few pancakes lah.. hihi.. menjadi jugak lah the bulat tu..

 Anyway, selamat mencuba!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

[Freedom at home]

I feel this freedom when I'm at home because I am free of the influence of my friends. Oh yea. Please think positive. This is not about I am not good with my friends. But, one thing about me is that I am a person who is easily influenced when I am with my friends. When it comes to making a decision, I felt it quite burdensome when I had to kinda follow my friends' decision. But I think this is not a problem with them but it is more about me. I am not strong enough to voice out everything that I felt. Or everything that I think. 

One more thing, being in maktab was like being in prison. Well, I do not point this to all maktabs around Malaysia. And this might be for me only. We were to do like extra workSSS than everyone else. Think of it is yes, we got extra experience which we can use it in the future. But, to see that value is like ......

Anyway, I am home now!! I gotta spend the time wisely with my family. Yes! There's a lot to do- which I will tell in the next entry, When I'm at home, I can decide the things on myself only.That feeling is like a WOW!! i am so gonna update my blog as much as I can. I am free!!!