Monday, 10 December 2012

[great experience]

Last week, Fariha, Afham and me managed to present about Islam to the year 8 students in Fowey Community College-as asked by the teacher.

We talked about Prayer, Ramadhan, Hijab, Halal & Haram, show ur movement in prayer and any open questions that theyw ant to ask.

So alhamdulillah. All went well :)
Thanks to all who has contributed to this presentation.
I managed to note down some of the questions in the class.

And I would love to share it here. Wait aaa.. Wanna copy and paste from Microsoft Word~ :P

1.       Misconceptions in Islam

2.       Does Muslim women have job?

3.       Is it possible that Allah creates religions? Islam is the same religion with others?

4.       Do you choose to be Muslim?

5.       Pray 5 times a day; is it a burden?

6.       Can a woman give birth to a male doctor?

7.       Why we should say ‘Peace be upon him’ when we hear the Prophet’s name?

8.       Apart from pork, is there any other food that you can’t take?

9.       Can a Muslim woman swim?

10.   Why slaughter?

11.   Issue of interest; ‘can you give present to people’ J

12.   What happen if Muslim woman don’t wear hijab?

13.   Any other special month except Ramadhan?

14.   Why can’t we take alcohol?

15.   Show the movement of prayer.

16.   Does the recitation for every prayer is similar or nor?

17.   Why does Ramadhan change every year?

18.   Expectation of age to wear hijab? Prayer? Fasting?

19.   Is lottery is allowed if the money is used for the charity?
Some of the questions are quite controversy. Ehexs~ *For the year 8 students*
But it was really pleased to answer their questions. It showed that they are curious to know about Islam.
Fariha asked me to write a FB note about this questions, with the answer. InsyaALLAH sometime in next week. InysaALLAH.
*One of the students said that Muslims are very committed towards their religion* J
Look! They are so sweet! Aren't them? :D

~Entah kenapa blog ni kena blocked oleg Abang Google Chrome :( Terima kasih Abang Internet Explorer~ :D


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

[mereka mencari-cari.. apa yang kita sudah ada]

Semalam dapat tengok satu video ni

Mula-mula x faham.
Tapi rupa-rupanya, the ex-preacher tu telah membuatkan bebrapa audience masuk Islam.
Subhanallah Allahuakbar!

Agak tersentuh bila tengok video ni.
Ada beberapa sebab.

Perasaan apabila kita (umat Islam) yang SEPATUTNYA bersyukur dilahirkan dalam keadaan Islam, berushaa memantapkan dan menjaga ISLAM. Kita yang dah ada Islam itu kadang-kadang lewah tak lewah ja dalam menjaga ISLAM. Mereka (the newly reverted people), are looking for it.
They are looking for it, But we already have it.
Tersentuh! Touched! ;[
BE THANKFUL! Will you?

 Kelmarin ada seorang cikgu RE mintak saya & Fariha untuk present about Islam to the Year 8 students. Last week, I thought that we are just given 10-15 minutes only. But yesterday she told me that we are given the whole lesson time. ERK? that is 100 minutes you ols! Phew!
Rasa tanggungjawab sebagai Muslim semakin meningkat. Mungkin ini masanya ALLAH buka jalan untuk aku menyebarkan Islam dgn lebih lagi? :)
Aku ada jugak angan-angan, kononya nak jadi ustazah. heheh. Ha! Tengok, kan dah jadi kenytaaan? Heheh. Ustazah untuk omputeh giteww!
Apa apapun, bercampur bauk dah perasaan ni.
Takut- Takut tersalah penyampaian. Takut tak dapat nak handle it with care? *eh, macam gelas pulak!
Gumbira- Sebab the end of my visit to Uk schools end with something valuable!

ps: Doakan ^^. Teringat pesanan seorang kakak: Kerja dakwah menjadi semakin mudah apabila niat kita betul. :)
ps2: Tengah-tengah fikir macam mana nak buat presentation tu, godek-godek member punya blog, terjumpa video yang di atas itu. See! Peraturan ALLAH :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

[happy circle is soo happy] ^_^

Just a moment ago, I had a chance to join the happy circle.
Well, actually I have already join the happy circle
But the kakak is has just giving birth. So she should rest for about two months.

Alright. Just now, my friends and I get a new kakak.
Her name is Kak Anis.
Just arrived from Malaysia. She is a wife of Pokcik.
Our head of committee.

She is so cheerful!
The main thing on the happy circle is for 'taaruf' session.
We introduce ourselves - that is the basic thing for happy circle.
She shares some information which I have been thinking these days.
*Selalu macam tue kan, memang akan kena punya!*
Okay. never mind that.

She shares the content of surah al-Mukminun
Verse 1 - 17.
Personally, I think that we are already know about the content.
But, how far do we practice that?
*I am questioning myself*
I know that it is the surah, telling about the success for a mukmin.
I am easily forget that!! *my bad*
Just a simple ayat, but surely it provides the greatest meaning.

The other ayat is 23 and 24, in surah Yusuf.
We are discussing how can prophet Yusuf could 'defend' himself from Zulaikha.
To think on a situation where there is only a woman and a man, and nothing happen..
is such an impossible thing!
But the Prophet really could manage that.
1) Because he asks Allah's help
2) He is a sincere person. Sincere when doing anything that please Allah.
3) He has never easily give up to pray.

One main point that is really striking for me is when Kak Anis shares ayat from Surah 15: 39 & 40.
These two ayah said that the devil will disturb all of us EXCEPT the one who are sincere in the action.
Subhanallah. And this evening, I read an article from a blog, also about the sincerity.
here the link::::

ps: Reflect on yourself. In all the actions that you have done today.. Are you sincere? Are you doing that to please people or HIM?
ps: When Kak Anis asks, what do I want to do in Islam. And I said, I want to practice Islam and try my best to spread it even a small thing, in any ways. :)
ps: Happy circle is really a place for me to strengthen my soul, my heart and my mind. <3. A place to remind each other. A place to share, to care :) Oh I love!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

[pray for Gaza]

Recently, there are a bunch of news about Palestine.
Palestinians are being bombed, victimized, all their places are being attacked by the Laknatullah Israil.
Regardless their age, gender and all.

Staying in UK has exposed me to the real situation of showing the regret and sadness of this issue.
People (regardless their religion) are having demonstration.
Boycotting Israel's products. and campaign all the time.
Spreading this news. Spreading the Zioninst's cruel!
This is not an issue of Muslims.
But this is the issue of human being.
Human's right!



Forget not the doa.
As the main medium for us.
Doa connects us!
Do as much as we can. Not just doa. If we are afford to donate some of our money. Donate it.
*By the way. I have the link for the donation.

InsyaAllah. Every single deed will be counted by Allah.
He knows everything that we don't know.

Special doa: Qunut Nazilah


Some blogs that I've read are really interesting to be shared.
Here they are: , ,

ps: I don't know what the future's on. But I truly believe that Islam will win one day. InsyaALLAH :)
ps 2: Maaf ayat berterabur. Emosi x best. Sedih hati. luluh. Malu sebab diberi kesenangan dan dalam masa yang sama x begitu bersyukur. Sedangkan rakyat di sana.. Menderita.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

value our friendship. should we?

 'how frequent do we remember our friends?' 
 'what is the best way to appreciate our friends?'

Alright. This entry would be just a short, simple and I'll try make it sweet. Okay? Err..
Today is the Deepavali, an eid celebrated by the Indians. There are some of my friends who are celebrating this today. However, the sad thing is today, we are going to our school visit. So, it's kinda a little sad, huh?

So, last two weeks, some of my friends and me were planning about doing a simple 'makan-makan', just to celebrate one of our India friends, in student village. But we were very busy these days. We can't really find a time to go out and shopping, (even I am out of foods, currently, not because I am lazy, but the weather is too cold..) hehe.. Okay. So yesterday we decided to order some foods, *NAWROZ* and just makan-makan. And the 'participants' are all the villagers , since most of our friends stay off-campus.

Then, we makan-makan, and we have a chit chat for about 2 hours. AAnd yeah! We are in one-Malaysia just now. We got Malays, Chinese and Indian! :)

That is the first thing. The second one would be about our celebration as well. Last two weeks, the Muslims celebrated 'Hari Raya Haji'. And it fall on Friday (which most of us don't have class) but not for me :)
So, the night before the celebration, they used my kitchen to masak-masak. And on that day, I was planning to prepare for my presentation, on the next day. Well, kalau di ikutkan, I don't want to help them to cook. And even I've told them that maybe I will not really helping them. And they were fine with that. However, aha! I was thinking that was such a very valuable time to appreciate-the time with your friends. And I'm sure you'll never have this time, when you are getting busy with work/family. So, I helped them, having chit chat until midnight.

The presentation is just about presenting anything that you've learnt. So, just present.! haha. But the next day, it turned out that my lecturer asked another person to present. ALLAH helps me.

And that things make me think about the value that we put on our friends. How do we appreciate our time with them? And how to maximize our time in this busy days :)

[Cann Bridge School]

I went to a special school today, named Cann Bridge School.
It is a new school, built up for special needs students.
Students who have the difficulties in learning such as down-syndrome, autism and etc.
First time seeing them, my heart melts!
I did not know why when I looked at them, I think there was something 'hot' come out from my eyes.
errr.. *emotional kejap*
They are sooo cute!! soo adorable!!

So, in the morning, the deputy principal brought us around the school and told us about the background of the school, what students that they teach and all.

I remembered she mention about three things that they (the teacher) should have.
1) Communication. Since the students are a bit 'slow' (they are not stupid, they just have a slight difficulty in learning), so all the teachers use simple language to communicate.

'Could + you + please + come + and + sit + down + here?' 


 'Come + Sit' 

Plus, they also have learnt sign language. So, whoever couldn't catch the things spoken by the teachers, they might understand it through the sign language.

2) Creativity - When we went all around every class, we could see a lot of drawing + colour and all. The teacher said that since the students couldn't get to spell/read normally (for example), they find another alternative to teach the students, about the same topic. Fariha asked whether the syllabus are given by the government or not (by the way, this school is fully govern-sponsored), she said that all schools are given the curriculum specification. But it totally depends on the school how to 'shape' their teaching.
What I learnt from this point is, the teachers are the one who play a very important role in making the students to learn. They are being so creative, working hard for their students.

3) Time - This point is related to 'being patience'. We managed to look at one of the teacher who were playing a bubble with two autism students. The students were expected to touch the bubble and make it burst and produce a 'pop' sound. It took a really truly a long time for the student to make it. Because they kinda like to tease it. Wuaarghh.. (If I were at the teacher's position, I maybe just ignore the student) BUT! that teacher just wait and patiently ask the student to burst that bubble. Bringing the bubble all around her and ask her to burst it. WOW!! Seriously respect that teacher. *a good point to remember :) *

*Looking at them really makes me to be grateful
** When I entered the kindergarten class, one of the students came and hug us (me, fariha n puvana) aaa.. soo sweet kan?

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hello! :D

Kalau beberepa ketika yang lalu, aku promotekan blog zahiril adzim.
Masih ingat?

Kali ni, aku nak promote another blog.
This is seriously beneficial. Serious. And serious.!

Here the link:
Beliau juga ada twitter & FB page to 'like'

ps: Tajuk macam pelik. Ehexs. Tapi apa je ada pada nama kan?
ps 2: Cari seniri beliau punya Twitter and FB Page :P


Monday, 8 October 2012

[adab belajar]

Antara adab belajar adalah menjaga tatasusila dengan guru.
Mungkin ada pandangan guru yang tidak 'ngam' dengan pandangan kita
Boleh reject, tapi biarlah beradab.
Guru ada perasaan.
Perasaan yang perlu dijaga di hadapan 20/30/40 orang pelajar.
Dan dia hanya seorang.

Selain itu.
Cuba datang awal ke kelas.
Kedatangan lewat kita ke kelas telah sedikit sebanyak mengganggu tumpuan pelajar yang lain.

Konsentrasi yang sepenuhnya dalam kelas
Jangan bercakapa pada masa yang sama guru bercakap

Akhir kalam
Doa sebagai senjata
Sentiasa berdoa.

Cuba baca kisah Imam Syafie dalam menuntut ilmu..
Di sini

ps: ini adalah antara yang sempat terlintas di fikiran. Banyak lagi yang tidak dicatat.

Saturday, 29 September 2012


What did I discover today?

I worked on my homework.
And I turn on al-Quran recitation from youtube.

And guess what?
I feel more ease!
Seriously, more ease.

ps: "Verily, in remembrance of ALLAH do hearts find rest" (13:28)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

[simple advice from kak Fadz]

Last few days I sent a message (via FB) to kak Fadz, asking about how did she learn MODERNISM (my elective for this year)
She said that it's quite tough. However, she advised me for not regretting taking that subject since she also said that she felt that subject is quite interesting. She adds that I should ask Adrian personally in case there is anything I do not know/blur in class because by 'face to face' with Adrian helps her more to understand.
And seriously I'll take it as a challenge. Plus, there will be only two of Malaysian students who will be taking this subject. The others will be the locals. ^^ However, the positive side of it is I could be more independent and put more effort in this study.
Should I enjoy this subject? Yes I should!

ps: Sometimes we tend to 'surrender' before trying. Kalah sebelum berjuang? Na'a. No more!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

[she comes in just a perfect time!]

This is an entry, special designed to share about my new Brazillian 'mum'
Ehexs! *She is 41 years old by the way* :P
Her name is Maria, from Brazil
She is my new housemate, and the only housemate I have-for the time being.
She takes MA (master) for TESL!
If you still remember about my last post, I have a dream to do Master in TESL.
And see! How ALLAH meet her with me!

She even tells me to share about anything that I've learned in the class with her.
So that she could give her opinion and it will also help me to memorize what I've learned!
And she welcomes me to ask anything about TESL since she has 20 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. (TESOL)

Plus, this is my final year. And ALLAH has sent her to me so that I can 'use'/ refer to her, before I'm back to Malaysia for good. InsyaALLAH. :D

Another point to share is about her habit which I think is a very good thing to follow.
Her way for housekeeping is very nice.
She cleans up everything that she bought (well, today we have some shopping), before use it.
E.g: Tupperware, cutting board etc,,

She even bought a reflector for iron board. She bought a rack for plate and the rack for hanging clothes after we wash it.
And for information, my friends and I will just our clothes on the heater. HAHA!
And I guess this is a very good lesson for my friends and me before we have our own family.
There is still another a year which I have to spend with her.

She treated us at Costa! Nyummy! :D

This is us! Shopping after 3 months Summer Break! :D

She comes in just a perfect time. THANK YOU ALLAH! :D

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

[a new spirit]

Today will be the day for my college and I to start our final year here; Marjon, Plymouth
What I really hope for today is that

  • we will have a new spirit to study
  • we are ready to help our friends who are in need
  • we will try our best to join any discussion related to the academic
  • we will ensure that our homework/assignments are done on time
  • we will eagerly asking questions/answering questions in class if the lecturer asks us to do so
  • we will let our 'laziness' go down
  • we will read a lot of books/articles
  • we will not procrastinate


Dr Muhaya, in one of her videos said that
"smile is a sunnah, not a tradition"
She also said that we have to always smile.
Smile before you speak.
It gives a great effect to the receiver.

ps: I believe that smile could reduce some of your problems. Just smile ^^

Sunday, 16 September 2012

[only in Malaysia]

Yesterday I had a chance to watch 'Nasi Lemak Kopi O' on TV9.
One of the topics that have been discussed is about "only in Malaysia"
AG (the speaker) shared about this video--->>

It is about Malaysian's custom or should I say it it Malaysian's habit.
Greeting other people.
While talking to other people,
Any people that we don't know,
We tend to greet them by 'pakcik (uncle)/makcik(untie)/abang(brother)/kakak(sister)/adik'
Even though we DON'T KNOW them.
Well, it is only in Malaysia.

We have plenty of foods
Every year, all the Malaysian will celebrate their own Hari Raya
Whether it is Eidul Fitr, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Wesak Day and many more.
But what makes our celebration merrier is that we will have an 'open house'
Talking about open house, Malaysian have such a lot of foods.
Various foods come from many places.
You don't believe?
Look at this..
photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit :
And many more! Yes!
We, Malaysians are rich with foods!
Delicious foods
Are these the factors we have these....??

photo credit:

photo credit:
Well, it is only in Malaysia.

The power of hand.
Few weeks ago I got a chance to watch a show
 a comedy show entitled- Lawak Ke Der
They presented Harith Iskandar as one of the speakers.
Its about our behaviour when using the road.
"We can cross the road whenever we want"
You can watch the video here -->>
And there are also other parts of this video when you click the one above. <:)
This is the full movie:
Well, it is only in Malaysia.

Baby dumping
Talking about baby dumping are like a 'normal' issue these days.
Watching news on TV, reading it in newspaper, blog an so on are like nothing
Same issue from years ago until now.
Where have the people put their heart?
Can't they think any longer?
Can't they respect human's right?
Article about baby dumping-->>
I never heard about this issue been appeared/happened in other countries, seriously.

Only in Malaysia?? =,='

ps: Think before act.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


terlalu berfikir sampai masuk ke dalam mimpi
terlalu berangan sampai kerja tak jalan
terlalu berhati-hati sampai jadi ciwi.

ps: "terlalu mahu dan mahu, terlupa apa yang perlu" - lirik lagu Tanya Sama Pokok

Di Hamparan Shamrock

Basically buku ni cerita mengenai pengalaman Ustaz Hasrizal di bumi Europe. Cth: Belfast, Galway, London etc.
Pengalaman ustaz dipenjara atas sebab visa expired. Penjara tu di Scotland & Strarae. Pengalaman ni membuatkan perasaan kebergantungan kpd ALLAH adalah sangt tinggi. Sebab dia seorang saja Melayu dalam tangkapan tu. Dan x sampai 10 org pun Muslim.
·        Drpd penulisannya, Nampak ustaz seorang yang berani travel even by his own self. Dan banyak trip dilakukan secara solo
·        Dia pun seorang yg berani bersuara. Pernah ada satu ketika dia dituduh menghasut pelajar-pelajar junior dalam kes *apa ntah x ingat* and elaun dia ditarik. And time tu agak genting. Sebab masa pernikahan dia hampir tiba tapi dia xdak duit. 
·        Menjaga silaturrahim. Dia banyak kenalan. Dia belajar mengenal manusia. Mengenal sikap manusia yang mana dia kata adalah penting dalam usaha berdakwah.
·        Ada sedikit pengalaman dia bila jadi Imam a.k.a pengetua sekolah Islam di Belfast *tak ingat nama penuh sekolah tu*
1)      Kanak-kanak tak akan menjadi nakal tanpa sebab
2)      Sebagai guru, kita kena berikan hak kpd pelajar untuk didengari. Dan sbg ibu bapa pun, kena aware yg anak2 mmpunyai hak utk didengari juga. Jgn ibu bapa ja yg dok berleter, anak dengar ja.
*Tetiba terfikir yang parents should have a trust to teachers dlm handle kan anak2 depa ni. Kalau tgok issue skrg, budak2 tak leh nak dijentik sikit, kena ja sikit, terus masuk newspaper.. =,=’
·        Sedikit galakan ustaz kpd pelajar M’sia yg blajr di Europe
1)      Cuba fahami pemikiran m/rkt di sana
2)      Cuba join discussion yg melibatkan pelbagai pelajar dari seluruh dunia.
·        Kemana saja kita pegi, cuba cari 3 pkr
1)      Jemaah : cari komuniti Islam
2)      Org ramai: sbb fitrah kita sbg manusia yg saling memerlukan
3)      Masjid
·        Menerangkan Islam dgn baik. Perlunya ada commitment dlm dakwah, bukan terburu-buru nak Islamkan the non-Muslims
·        Kalau rasa hati gelisah, tu adalah a sign yg dia memanggil tuannya kmbali kpd tmpat asal :kembali mencari Tuhan
·        Bahasa sbg sikap. Bahasa yg baik melambangkan akhlak yg baik
·        Kepentingan al-Mathurat sbg benteng sehari-harian

·        ‘wa maa faata faat, wa man maata maat’ [yg sudah lepas, biarkan ia berlalu, yg telah mati, biarkan ia mati]
·        Dhawabit [garis panduan hidup] *betul ke?* >.<
·        Taqarrub [amalan utk mndekatkan diri kpd Ilahi]
·        Tafadhal [dipersilakan]
·        Muhsanah [memlihara maruah diri]
·        Teacher Man, Angela Ashes’ [karya Fran McCourt]
·        Akhirnya Ku Temui Kebenaran [mengenai ajaran/idea Syiah]
·        People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care [John Maxwell]
·        Muhammad: A Bioghraphy of The Prophet [Karen Armstrong ] Tapi buku ni, bak kata Ustaz, telah diharamkan oleh JAKIM mungkin ada satu dua fakta yg kurang tepat.
·        Into The West [filem] – mengenai cara hidup travelers
·        Taare Zameen Par [filem Hindustan] – filem yang SANGAT BEST. Cerita about a dyslexic child having trouble to read and count. Recommendable film. Tak ada unsur cinta. Lebih kepada unsur2 on how a good teacher conducts his student. To be specific his ‘special’ student.
·        *tambahan buku. Aritu baca novel Ustazah Fatimah Syarha, dia ada sebut pasal buku Ciri-Ciri Unggul Masyarakat Islam Yang Kita Idamkan by Prof. Syeikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qardhawi.

Ps: sedikit sebanyak yg sy dpt share. J Harap bermanfaat! ^^
pss: rasanya tak rugi kalau memilik buku yang hanya berharga RM 30.00 ^^

Monday, 10 September 2012

Kenangan exam =]

Ada beberapa kenangan yang masih utuh setiap kali menjelangnya peperiksaan-peperiksaan besar iaitu UPSR, PMR dan SPM

1) Seminggu sebelum exam, mula berbaik dengan semua kawan-kawan, guru dan semua orang. Mula bermaaf-maafan. Semua benda tak elok berlaku pada diri pun akan diterima dengan redha. Caci maki, segala perkataan buruk semua tersemat saja di hati . hehe Megi [yang mana begitu popular dalam kalangan warga asrama] pun dah tak ambil =]

Bacaan yaasin ramai-ramai di mana majoriti pelajar akan bawa sebotol air.

2) Malam exam, tidur terganggu, ketaq lutut. Makan tak lalu. Baca apapun semua tak masuk. Mulalah ada kawan-kawan cakap, 'alaahh, xyah baca ah. Baca pun x masuk nya!. Baik sembang-sembang, release tension' So, langkah mudah untuk 'release tension', maka, sembang-sembang lah kami. hehe.

Malam exam juga, banyak solat sunat, baca Quran, Yaasin. etc. Senyum dekat makcik-makcik yang lalu lalang. Jaga makan minum. Makan pun cukup-cukup [kalau sebelum ni, selalu ja pi beli cekelat, cekedis].

3) Pagi exam. Mula-mula bangun dah teringat exam. Mandi pun tak lama. Tak banyak sembang. Kening masing-masing berkerut-kerut. Pagi-pagi buat soal-jawab ringan-ringan sesama kawan-kawan. Telefon mak, suruh doa banyak-banyak. Bagitahu exam apa, pukul berapa. Nasihat mak akan sama untuk setiap kali exam : - [bismillah, selawat, baca soalan dua kali, baca page, relax, an so on lah] hehe..
Time ni, akan ada buku yang dipegang di tangan, Tapi sekadar melepaskan gusar di hati. Bukan bukak pun! Kalau buka pun, tak dapat nak hafal dah! haha

4) Habis semua paper. Akan ada cikgu/pengawal peperiksaan menjerit 'MERDEKA' diikuti oleh para pelajar. Lepas tu jugak, buku-buku bersumberkan akademik akan disimpan. Langkah terbaik untuk mengelakkan nervous ialah tak akan ada amalan 'menyemak jawapan selepas exam'. Nanti hidup tak tenang~

photo credit: 

Lepas tu, akan ada sesi makan 'megi' beramai-ramai. Beli cekedis-cekedis, cekelat.Sembang hingga lewat malam sampai warden menjerit suruh 'light-off''. Pergi offer diri kat cikgu-cikgu in case depa ada apa-apa untuk ditolong [dan selalunya memang akan ada]. Mula merapat-rapatkan diri dengan junior-junior. Tolong mana-mana yang patut. Time-time ni jugak banyak pula program yang cikgu dah sedia untuk isi masa lapang [rasa-rasanya semua warga hostel tak akan terlepas dari perkara ni. Am I right?]

ps: Apa-apapun,, buatlah yang terbaik untuk exam. Walaupun dengan dapat 'straight A's' bukanlah 100% menjamin masa depan, tapi exam itu sebagai 'penanda' tahap pembelajaran kita.

pss: Buat yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan-peperiksaan ini, sama ada tahun ini atau tahun-tahun akan datang.....

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

innalillahiwaiina ilaihiraji'un

Baru-baru ini, ada berita mengenai kemalangan dua pelajar Malaysia yang belajar di Moscow sehingga menyebabkan kematian. Takziah kepada keluarga kedua-dua pelajar itu. Semoga ditempatkan dalam kalangan hamba-hambaNya yang soleh.

Hari ini, ada dua lagi kematian yang berlaku area rumah aku. Ya ALLAH. Debar pula rasa hati.

Dimana-mana dan pada bila-bila masa pun, ALLAH berkuasa menarik nyawa yang DIA pinjamkan kepada kita. Dan kematian itu pasti. Yang menjadi bekalan adalah amalan-amalan kita di dunia ini.

"Di mana pun kamu berada, kematian akan mendapatkan kamu, sekalipun kamu berasa di dalam benteng yang tinggi dan kukuh" [Surah An Nisa':78]

"Setiap yang bernyawa akan merasakan mati. Kami akan menguji kami dengan keburukan dan kebaikan sebagai cubaan. Dan hanya kepada Kamilah kamu akan dikembalikan" [Surah Al-Anbiyaa':35]

ps: Semoga ALLAH sentiasa menerima amalan-amalan kebaikan kita
pss: Semoga kita masih lagi diberi peluang untuk bertaubat sebelum meinggalkan dunia ini.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

[a group of fish] is also known as [a school of fish

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steam marble cake~

Today~I got another recipe~~

Ingredients needed are : -

- Plain flour
- Baking powder
- Sugar
- Egg
- Ovallete
- Corn Oil
- Salt
-Vanilla essence
-cocoa powder (or any other colour powder)

Method : -

1) Heat the tin = 'loyang'
2) Beat the eggs, then put the plain flour.
3) Put all the ingredients except the cocoa powder.
4) After the ingredients are mixed well, separate them into two bowls.
5) Put the cocoa powder in one of the bowls. Mix them carefully.
6) Take two spoons and use them to dollop the mixtures (cocoa and non-cocoa) and into the tin, alternately.
7) Steam the cake in about 30 -45 minutes!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

dikir barat

Last night, I had a dream of a senior asking me to lead a dikir barat which will be held in IPG KB.
Dikir Barat is really uplifting. I've performed it for the first time in Maktab KB.
Experience. Experience. 

ps: what's that sign? Am I missing dikir barat so much? huehue

Idiom #1

go down hill = to gradually become worse

e.g: I don't like that football player anymore because his performance is going down hill


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random #5

Ada akal, fikir
Ada mata, lihat
Ada telinga, dengar
Ada lidah, cakap.

ps: setiap tindakan perlu dilaksanakan dengan matang

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

random #4

Might be that ALLAH has given me the sign.
He's not the one for me.
Thank you ALLAH.
ps: the power of communication

random #3

Jika kita jatuh hati pada seseorang atas dasar rupa paras,
Takut menyesal di kemudian hari.

forget not your roots!

A few days ago,
I had a chance to join my parents on a 'rewang' activity.
'rewang' is a gathering when someone is getting married.
It is done by villager usually, a day before the wedding.
And also on the day, in the morning
They will help to cut the onions, cut the meat into smaller pieces, help preparing the 'pelamin'
And so on.

Back to my story.
On 31st August 2012, after we (our family) had our lunch
My mother asked me whether or not I want to follow her to an aunt'n mom.
Since a day after that (1st Sept) one of her sons will be getting married.
So, I agree.
That was my first time, joining the villagers preparing for a wedding.
I cut the onions, potatoes and galangal (lengkuas)
And I'm telling you, I had a very great experience being there.

It's a great experience to join the elders
And know how they had their conversation.
Not about gossipping!
But the way they talk.
Some points are about their children.
Specifically, their children's future.

The most important point here is not about what have been they talk about or what recipes that they cooked,
but it is about how many of us are still aware with the villagers' needs?
Despite our age/work/status, don't we need to lend our hands to them?
To the needs?

Being with the people really make me think that we need them
And they need me
We need each other.

ps: Forget not our root ^^

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Yang menciptakan rindu,
Yang membisikkan cinta,
Kau kurniakanlah perasaan rindu dan cinta ini hanya untuk-Mu,
Masukkanlah kami ke dalam Syuga,
Tidak sanggup untuk kami masuk ke Neraka-Mu
Yang membara api nya, membakar kami yang penuh dosa ini
Sesungguhnya kami manusia yang lemah
Perkenankanlah doa kami ya ALLAH.
Istajibillah humma dua' ana ya ALLAH
ya Rahman
ya Rahim.


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Pesanan Ibnu Mas'ud

"Hendaklah kamu semua mengusahakan ilmu pengetahuan sebelum ia dilenyapkan. Lenyapnya ilmu pengetahuan ialah dengan matinya orang yeng memberikan atau mengajarkannya (iaitu para pendidik). Seseorang itu tidak akan dilahirkan atau sudah menjadi pandai. Jadi, ilmu pengetahuan harus diusahakan dengan belajar"

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Monday, 27 August 2012

random #1

semoga saya dapat menjadi anak yang solehah kepada ibu bapa. semoga adik-beradik saya dapat menjadi anak yang soleh/solehah. semoga kawan2 saya dapat menjadi anak yang soleh/solehah. kerana apa yang saya buat/lakukan pada ibu bapa saya, mungkin anak-anak saya akan copy paste perkara itu dan membalasnya kepada saya. semoga para ibu bapa di seluruh dunia ini redha akan anak-anak mereka. =)

cinta saya selepas ALLAH dan Rasulullah SAW

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Celebrating Aidil Adha in Egypt

Just thinking
How do the Muslims celebrate AidilAdha in Egypt?
Just now, I looked at Islamic calendar and searched 9 Zulhijjah.
And it falls on 25th October which is on Thursday.

And then I remembered my timetable.
On Thursday I have two classes and the last class will be ended on 1230 pm.
On Friday I got an elective class. =,='
*nak tinggal sayang, tapi nak pi celebrate Aidil Adha di Egypt.
**This might be my first and last chance to be there!*

But that is my timetable SO FAR. Again, SO FAR..


And got sometime just now google up cheap flight London-Cairo. =,='

My pray and hope: Moga ada rezeki to celebrate the AidilAdha over there. and could see my beloved friend di sana! AMIN ^^
how great to see them in live! photo credit:

ps:: 359 pound to egypt in October.. Cheap or not? adehh =,='

I am an icon

I read a status from a friend of mine-via FB
She shared a situation where she was nearly to be summoned by traffic police because she did not renew her license.
However, she persuaded the 'pak polis' by saying that she just got back from UK and did not have time to renew the license.
And the police trusted her. hehehhe
*she is lying of course*  =P
But this is not the point for this entry.
What I've attracted was that the police said never mind, since she (my friend) is an ICON for MALAYSIA.
The Malaysian's HOPE.
w0w!! Suddenly, I feel like there is such a big stone on my shoulders!
Hearing that we (the students whether in Malaysia or overseas=teenagers) are playing such an important role.
Not for ourselves only, but also towards religion, country, family, societies and the most special role is towards our next generation! PHEW! PHEW! PHEW!

thank you Google image =)

To be honest, being a student in UK, I felt like a normal student. Sometimes I would say that wherever the place you are studying, there are just the same. It's all up to you. On how you are playing your role as student. How do you spend your time being a student and how do contribute towards your profession.

But now, I think I have to change my mind. It's not the same, study in overseas or study in Malaysia. I'm not saying that Overseas' students are better than Malaysian students. But, there will be different experience faced by them. Seriously.

ps: Study till the end of our life.! Use our time wisely. Very wise!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

happy birthdaY !! moknIk

Happy Bezzday dear friend!!
Having a friend like you
Teaches me a lot of things to be reminded as a human
You teach me how to be patient, how to be funny,
how to understand others.. and many more!
Lotsa experience we have gone through.
*Yang paling I sukerr tyme kita ke Pantai Irama!! heheiuuu <3

a poem
dedicate specially for you

*copy paste from















by: Jacob Hill
Why do I put u as a unique friend? Because u are different from others!!
Here are some memorable pixos. Taken from my own hard disk.

antara tempat favourite sesi luahan perasaan? ye dak? =P

konon conflict. hehee


co cweet tak? ehhehee
so, 24th of August.. every year.. I will remember. ^^ Thanks dear friend ^^
**actually aku cari gambo kita ke Pantai Irama. p mana nth =,='