Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem!!

Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan.
I believe this barakah month have been waited for all Muslim all around the world.
Talking about Ramadhan, Muslims would struggle to finish reading the al-Quran (khatam), do sadaqah, charity, going to mosque and many more which I think the amount of this 'amal' is much a little during the other months. Am I right? hehuu..
HOWEVER,, if we want to become a better Muslim from day to day, Ramadhan could be the best platform for us to upgrade what have we been doing. And for us to try istiqomah-=consistent with our actions :)

For this entry, I love to share the idea that I got from watching this simple yet short video from Ustaz Hasrizal about Transformasi Ramadhan. I list out the things I want to do for this Ramadhan, and I hope I'll be following this consistently.

#1 Pray early
#2 Do solat sunat rawatib and other solat sunat
#3 Read al-Quran everday
#4 Lower my gaze and repair my 'lisan'
#5 Control my amarah nafs, control my heart
#6 Do a lot of doa'
#7 Help my family in preparing foods for sahur and breaking fast
#8 Talk less, read more
#9 Reduce sighing
#10 Smile, it's a charity =)
#11 Try wake up for qiammulail ^^
#12 Control my diet, eat less & exercise more ^^

*if people who are reading this, want to share about tranformasi Ramadhan or any other info about Rmadhan, please, DON'T HESITATE :) *

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