Saturday, 28 July 2012

tanyalah ustaz 3

-kerja berkira- (29/07/12)

One of the points I love is when ustaz said that, if we are making any mistake/doing something wrong to somebody, we should ask for their forgiveness. However, according to Mazhab Imam Ghazali, if we are too 'malu'/too shy to face that person or afraid you will make another trouble, we can make 'sedekah' by using his/her name. E.g.: You go to the mosque and you put some amount of money in the mosque's money box by using his/her name. InsyaAllah, Allah is Forgiving. Nabi SAW encourage us to salam (shake hands) and look into the person's eyes. It's adab.

Ustaz also said that, whatever we do in this world (the good deeds), please put the intention to Allah Taala. If not, it is useless. You get no reward, instead you just feel tired.

Rasulullah SAW said that by giving salaam, it can prevent us from being snob, jealous and proud. That's all for now.
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