Sunday, 26 August 2012

Celebrating Aidil Adha in Egypt

Just thinking
How do the Muslims celebrate AidilAdha in Egypt?
Just now, I looked at Islamic calendar and searched 9 Zulhijjah.
And it falls on 25th October which is on Thursday.

And then I remembered my timetable.
On Thursday I have two classes and the last class will be ended on 1230 pm.
On Friday I got an elective class. =,='
*nak tinggal sayang, tapi nak pi celebrate Aidil Adha di Egypt.
**This might be my first and last chance to be there!*

But that is my timetable SO FAR. Again, SO FAR..


And got sometime just now google up cheap flight London-Cairo. =,='

My pray and hope: Moga ada rezeki to celebrate the AidilAdha over there. and could see my beloved friend di sana! AMIN ^^
how great to see them in live! photo credit:

ps:: 359 pound to egypt in October.. Cheap or not? adehh =,='

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