Sunday, 26 August 2012

I am an icon

I read a status from a friend of mine-via FB
She shared a situation where she was nearly to be summoned by traffic police because she did not renew her license.
However, she persuaded the 'pak polis' by saying that she just got back from UK and did not have time to renew the license.
And the police trusted her. hehehhe
*she is lying of course*  =P
But this is not the point for this entry.
What I've attracted was that the police said never mind, since she (my friend) is an ICON for MALAYSIA.
The Malaysian's HOPE.
w0w!! Suddenly, I feel like there is such a big stone on my shoulders!
Hearing that we (the students whether in Malaysia or overseas=teenagers) are playing such an important role.
Not for ourselves only, but also towards religion, country, family, societies and the most special role is towards our next generation! PHEW! PHEW! PHEW!

thank you Google image =)

To be honest, being a student in UK, I felt like a normal student. Sometimes I would say that wherever the place you are studying, there are just the same. It's all up to you. On how you are playing your role as student. How do you spend your time being a student and how do contribute towards your profession.

But now, I think I have to change my mind. It's not the same, study in overseas or study in Malaysia. I'm not saying that Overseas' students are better than Malaysian students. But, there will be different experience faced by them. Seriously.

ps: Study till the end of our life.! Use our time wisely. Very wise!

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