Friday, 17 August 2012


Sagu sejuk-sejuk dimakan time panas-panas ^^

+ Sagu
+ Sugar
+ Condensed milk
+ Pewarna

 1) Soak the sagu. 
2) After an hour or two, boil it. Put a little amount of water only. Put some sugar. Sedikit pewarna. Till it become colourless.
3) Then, till it cool, put in in the refrigerator. *To make it cool and fresh!
4) Then, bila dah sejuk. It's ready to be eaten!
How? Put the sagu into a cup, pour some milk. *Should put a pinch of salt into the milk

sebelum hilang warna putih itu..

warna putih sudah hilang

sedia dimakan bersama keluarga. Kalau letak ais pun sedap. Ditambah jagung sedikit di atas/cherry.. fiuh!!

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