Saturday, 11 August 2012

::The Invigilator::

Today I got a chance to watch a short film entitled 'The Invigilator'
The actors and actress are Tony Eusoff, Cheryl Samad, Zahiril Adzim and other students.
At first, I could see the message of the film was about the naughty undisciplined students
Who made their new teacher (Cheryl Samad) to become impatient and just went out of the class

After being chased out by one of the students (Zahiril Adzim).
During that time, there was one invigilator (Tony Eusoff),
Who was there to observe her teaching since she was new.
The invigilator, taught the new teacher how to teach.
Explain her how to make the students to be disciplined and follow his instructions.
She, herself was speechless to see how the students to be so respectful towards him.

At the end of the short film,
The invigilator was actually 'bribing' the students and act like they are disciplined students?


Actually I don't know the real message of the film.
But the issue here is, I hope that I'll get good school with good students and teachers when I became an English teacher soon.


**This is the link of the short film--->> THE INVIGILATOR

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