Wednesday, 26 September 2012

[she comes in just a perfect time!]

This is an entry, special designed to share about my new Brazillian 'mum'
Ehexs! *She is 41 years old by the way* :P
Her name is Maria, from Brazil
She is my new housemate, and the only housemate I have-for the time being.
She takes MA (master) for TESL!
If you still remember about my last post, I have a dream to do Master in TESL.
And see! How ALLAH meet her with me!

She even tells me to share about anything that I've learned in the class with her.
So that she could give her opinion and it will also help me to memorize what I've learned!
And she welcomes me to ask anything about TESL since she has 20 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. (TESOL)

Plus, this is my final year. And ALLAH has sent her to me so that I can 'use'/ refer to her, before I'm back to Malaysia for good. InsyaALLAH. :D

Another point to share is about her habit which I think is a very good thing to follow.
Her way for housekeeping is very nice.
She cleans up everything that she bought (well, today we have some shopping), before use it.
E.g: Tupperware, cutting board etc,,

She even bought a reflector for iron board. She bought a rack for plate and the rack for hanging clothes after we wash it.
And for information, my friends and I will just our clothes on the heater. HAHA!
And I guess this is a very good lesson for my friends and me before we have our own family.
There is still another a year which I have to spend with her.

She treated us at Costa! Nyummy! :D

This is us! Shopping after 3 months Summer Break! :D

She comes in just a perfect time. THANK YOU ALLAH! :D

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  1. I love your new mommy too! Pls send my regards to her:)