Thursday, 27 September 2012

[simple advice from kak Fadz]

Last few days I sent a message (via FB) to kak Fadz, asking about how did she learn MODERNISM (my elective for this year)
She said that it's quite tough. However, she advised me for not regretting taking that subject since she also said that she felt that subject is quite interesting. She adds that I should ask Adrian personally in case there is anything I do not know/blur in class because by 'face to face' with Adrian helps her more to understand.
And seriously I'll take it as a challenge. Plus, there will be only two of Malaysian students who will be taking this subject. The others will be the locals. ^^ However, the positive side of it is I could be more independent and put more effort in this study.
Should I enjoy this subject? Yes I should!

ps: Sometimes we tend to 'surrender' before trying. Kalah sebelum berjuang? Na'a. No more!


  1. is this the one that you asked before via skype?

  2. ehee.. there is another one.
    but I didn't write it here.
    hehee.. :'))