Saturday, 8 September 2012

steam marble cake~

Today~I got another recipe~~

Ingredients needed are : -

- Plain flour
- Baking powder
- Sugar
- Egg
- Ovallete
- Corn Oil
- Salt
-Vanilla essence
-cocoa powder (or any other colour powder)

Method : -

1) Heat the tin = 'loyang'
2) Beat the eggs, then put the plain flour.
3) Put all the ingredients except the cocoa powder.
4) After the ingredients are mixed well, separate them into two bowls.
5) Put the cocoa powder in one of the bowls. Mix them carefully.
6) Take two spoons and use them to dollop the mixtures (cocoa and non-cocoa) and into the tin, alternately.
7) Steam the cake in about 30 -45 minutes!

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