Tuesday, 27 November 2012

[mereka mencari-cari.. apa yang kita sudah ada]

Semalam dapat tengok satu video ni


Mula-mula x faham.
Tapi rupa-rupanya, the ex-preacher tu telah membuatkan bebrapa audience masuk Islam.
Subhanallah Allahuakbar!

Agak tersentuh bila tengok video ni.
Ada beberapa sebab.

Perasaan apabila kita (umat Islam) yang SEPATUTNYA bersyukur dilahirkan dalam keadaan Islam, berushaa memantapkan dan menjaga ISLAM. Kita yang dah ada Islam itu kadang-kadang lewah tak lewah ja dalam menjaga ISLAM. Mereka (the newly reverted people), are looking for it.
They are looking for it, But we already have it.
Tersentuh! Touched! ;[
BE THANKFUL! Will you?

 Kelmarin ada seorang cikgu RE mintak saya & Fariha untuk present about Islam to the Year 8 students. Last week, I thought that we are just given 10-15 minutes only. But yesterday she told me that we are given the whole lesson time. ERK? that is 100 minutes you ols! Phew!
Rasa tanggungjawab sebagai Muslim semakin meningkat. Mungkin ini masanya ALLAH buka jalan untuk aku menyebarkan Islam dgn lebih lagi? :)
Aku ada jugak angan-angan, kononya nak jadi ustazah. heheh. Ha! Tengok, kan dah jadi kenytaaan? Heheh. Ustazah untuk omputeh giteww!
Apa apapun, bercampur bauk dah perasaan ni.
Takut- Takut tersalah penyampaian. Takut tak dapat nak handle it with care? *eh, macam gelas pulak!
Gumbira- Sebab the end of my visit to Uk schools end with something valuable!

ps: Doakan ^^. Teringat pesanan seorang kakak: Kerja dakwah menjadi semakin mudah apabila niat kita betul. :)
ps2: Tengah-tengah fikir macam mana nak buat presentation tu, godek-godek member punya blog, terjumpa video yang di atas itu. See! Peraturan ALLAH :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

[happy circle is soo happy] ^_^

Just a moment ago, I had a chance to join the happy circle.
Well, actually I have already join the happy circle
But the kakak is has just giving birth. So she should rest for about two months.

Alright. Just now, my friends and I get a new kakak.
Her name is Kak Anis.
Just arrived from Malaysia. She is a wife of Pokcik.
Our head of committee.

She is so cheerful!
The main thing on the happy circle is for 'taaruf' session.
We introduce ourselves - that is the basic thing for happy circle.
She shares some information which I have been thinking these days.
*Selalu macam tue kan, memang akan kena punya!*
Okay. never mind that.

She shares the content of surah al-Mukminun
Verse 1 - 17.
Personally, I think that we are already know about the content.
But, how far do we practice that?
*I am questioning myself*
I know that it is the surah, telling about the success for a mukmin.
I am easily forget that!! *my bad*
Just a simple ayat, but surely it provides the greatest meaning.

The other ayat is 23 and 24, in surah Yusuf.
We are discussing how can prophet Yusuf could 'defend' himself from Zulaikha.
To think on a situation where there is only a woman and a man, and nothing happen..
is such an impossible thing!
But the Prophet really could manage that.
1) Because he asks Allah's help
2) He is a sincere person. Sincere when doing anything that please Allah.
3) He has never easily give up to pray.

One main point that is really striking for me is when Kak Anis shares ayat from Surah 15: 39 & 40.
These two ayah said that the devil will disturb all of us EXCEPT the one who are sincere in the action.
Subhanallah. And this evening, I read an article from a blog, also about the sincerity.
here the link::::  http://shahril-talei.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/ibadahikhlas.html

ps: Reflect on yourself. In all the actions that you have done today.. Are you sincere? Are you doing that to please people or HIM?
ps: When Kak Anis asks, what do I want to do in Islam. And I said, I want to practice Islam and try my best to spread it even a small thing, in any ways. :)
ps: Happy circle is really a place for me to strengthen my soul, my heart and my mind. <3. A place to remind each other. A place to share, to care :) Oh I love!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

[pray for Gaza]

Recently, there are a bunch of news about Palestine.
Palestinians are being bombed, victimized, all their places are being attacked by the Laknatullah Israil.
Regardless their age, gender and all.

Staying in UK has exposed me to the real situation of showing the regret and sadness of this issue.
People (regardless their religion) are having demonstration.
Boycotting Israel's products. and campaign all the time.
Spreading this news. Spreading the Zioninst's cruel!
This is not an issue of Muslims.
But this is the issue of human being.
Human's right!



Forget not the doa.
As the main medium for us.
Doa connects us!
Do as much as we can. Not just doa. If we are afford to donate some of our money. Donate it.
*By the way. I have the link for the donation.

InsyaAllah. Every single deed will be counted by Allah.
He knows everything that we don't know.

Special doa: Qunut Nazilah


Some blogs that I've read are really interesting to be shared.
Here they are:
 http://saifulislam.com/?p=304 ,
 http://iqbalsyarie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/lelaki-di-bawah-kubah-al-aqsa.html ,

ps: I don't know what the future's on. But I truly believe that Islam will win one day. InsyaALLAH :)
ps 2: Maaf ayat berterabur. Emosi x best. Sedih hati. luluh. Malu sebab diberi kesenangan dan dalam masa yang sama x begitu bersyukur. Sedangkan rakyat di sana.. Menderita.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

value our friendship. should we?

 'how frequent do we remember our friends?' 
 'what is the best way to appreciate our friends?'

Alright. This entry would be just a short, simple and I'll try make it sweet. Okay? Err..
Today is the Deepavali, an eid celebrated by the Indians. There are some of my friends who are celebrating this today. However, the sad thing is today, we are going to our school visit. So, it's kinda a little sad, huh?

So, last two weeks, some of my friends and me were planning about doing a simple 'makan-makan', just to celebrate one of our India friends, in student village. But we were very busy these days. We can't really find a time to go out and shopping, (even I am out of foods, currently, not because I am lazy, but the weather is too cold..) hehe.. Okay. So yesterday we decided to order some foods, *NAWROZ* and just makan-makan. And the 'participants' are all the villagers , since most of our friends stay off-campus.

Then, we makan-makan, and we have a chit chat for about 2 hours. AAnd yeah! We are in one-Malaysia just now. We got Malays, Chinese and Indian! :)

That is the first thing. The second one would be about our celebration as well. Last two weeks, the Muslims celebrated 'Hari Raya Haji'. And it fall on Friday (which most of us don't have class) but not for me :)
So, the night before the celebration, they used my kitchen to masak-masak. And on that day, I was planning to prepare for my presentation, on the next day. Well, kalau di ikutkan, I don't want to help them to cook. And even I've told them that maybe I will not really helping them. And they were fine with that. However, aha! I was thinking that was such a very valuable time to appreciate-the time with your friends. And I'm sure you'll never have this time, when you are getting busy with work/family. So, I helped them, having chit chat until midnight.

The presentation is just about presenting anything that you've learnt. So, just present.! haha. But the next day, it turned out that my lecturer asked another person to present. ALLAH helps me.

And that things make me think about the value that we put on our friends. How do we appreciate our time with them? And how to maximize our time in this busy days :)

[Cann Bridge School]

I went to a special school today, named Cann Bridge School.
It is a new school, built up for special needs students.
Students who have the difficulties in learning such as down-syndrome, autism and etc.
First time seeing them, my heart melts!
I did not know why when I looked at them, I think there was something 'hot' come out from my eyes.
errr.. *emotional kejap*
They are sooo cute!! soo adorable!!

So, in the morning, the deputy principal brought us around the school and told us about the background of the school, what students that they teach and all.

I remembered she mention about three things that they (the teacher) should have.
1) Communication. Since the students are a bit 'slow' (they are not stupid, they just have a slight difficulty in learning), so all the teachers use simple language to communicate.

'Could + you + please + come + and + sit + down + here?' 


 'Come + Sit' 

Plus, they also have learnt sign language. So, whoever couldn't catch the things spoken by the teachers, they might understand it through the sign language.

2) Creativity - When we went all around every class, we could see a lot of drawing + colour and all. The teacher said that since the students couldn't get to spell/read normally (for example), they find another alternative to teach the students, about the same topic. Fariha asked whether the syllabus are given by the government or not (by the way, this school is fully govern-sponsored), she said that all schools are given the curriculum specification. But it totally depends on the school how to 'shape' their teaching.
What I learnt from this point is, the teachers are the one who play a very important role in making the students to learn. They are being so creative, working hard for their students.

3) Time - This point is related to 'being patience'. We managed to look at one of the teacher who were playing a bubble with two autism students. The students were expected to touch the bubble and make it burst and produce a 'pop' sound. It took a really truly a long time for the student to make it. Because they kinda like to tease it. Wuaarghh.. (If I were at the teacher's position, I maybe just ignore the student) BUT! that teacher just wait and patiently ask the student to burst that bubble. Bringing the bubble all around her and ask her to burst it. WOW!! Seriously respect that teacher. *a good point to remember :) *

*Looking at them really makes me to be grateful
** When I entered the kindergarten class, one of the students came and hug us (me, fariha n puvana) aaa.. soo sweet kan?

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hello! :D

Kalau beberepa ketika yang lalu, aku promotekan blog zahiril adzim.
Masih ingat?

Kali ni, aku nak promote another blog.
This is seriously beneficial. Serious. And serious.!

Here the link: http://angelwearsgucci.blogspot.co.uk/
Beliau juga ada twitter & FB page to 'like'

ps: Tajuk macam pelik. Ehexs. Tapi apa je ada pada nama kan?
ps 2: Cari seniri beliau punya Twitter and FB Page :P