Tuesday, 13 November 2012

[Cann Bridge School]

I went to a special school today, named Cann Bridge School.
It is a new school, built up for special needs students.
Students who have the difficulties in learning such as down-syndrome, autism and etc.
First time seeing them, my heart melts!
I did not know why when I looked at them, I think there was something 'hot' come out from my eyes.
errr.. *emotional kejap*
They are sooo cute!! soo adorable!!

So, in the morning, the deputy principal brought us around the school and told us about the background of the school, what students that they teach and all.

I remembered she mention about three things that they (the teacher) should have.
1) Communication. Since the students are a bit 'slow' (they are not stupid, they just have a slight difficulty in learning), so all the teachers use simple language to communicate.

'Could + you + please + come + and + sit + down + here?' 


 'Come + Sit' 

Plus, they also have learnt sign language. So, whoever couldn't catch the things spoken by the teachers, they might understand it through the sign language.

2) Creativity - When we went all around every class, we could see a lot of drawing + colour and all. The teacher said that since the students couldn't get to spell/read normally (for example), they find another alternative to teach the students, about the same topic. Fariha asked whether the syllabus are given by the government or not (by the way, this school is fully govern-sponsored), she said that all schools are given the curriculum specification. But it totally depends on the school how to 'shape' their teaching.
What I learnt from this point is, the teachers are the one who play a very important role in making the students to learn. They are being so creative, working hard for their students.

3) Time - This point is related to 'being patience'. We managed to look at one of the teacher who were playing a bubble with two autism students. The students were expected to touch the bubble and make it burst and produce a 'pop' sound. It took a really truly a long time for the student to make it. Because they kinda like to tease it. Wuaarghh.. (If I were at the teacher's position, I maybe just ignore the student) BUT! that teacher just wait and patiently ask the student to burst that bubble. Bringing the bubble all around her and ask her to burst it. WOW!! Seriously respect that teacher. *a good point to remember :) *

*Looking at them really makes me to be grateful
** When I entered the kindergarten class, one of the students came and hug us (me, fariha n puvana) aaa.. soo sweet kan?

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  1. looking forward to going to the special school and experience it myself!:)