Sunday, 25 November 2012

[happy circle is soo happy] ^_^

Just a moment ago, I had a chance to join the happy circle.
Well, actually I have already join the happy circle
But the kakak is has just giving birth. So she should rest for about two months.

Alright. Just now, my friends and I get a new kakak.
Her name is Kak Anis.
Just arrived from Malaysia. She is a wife of Pokcik.
Our head of committee.

She is so cheerful!
The main thing on the happy circle is for 'taaruf' session.
We introduce ourselves - that is the basic thing for happy circle.
She shares some information which I have been thinking these days.
*Selalu macam tue kan, memang akan kena punya!*
Okay. never mind that.

She shares the content of surah al-Mukminun
Verse 1 - 17.
Personally, I think that we are already know about the content.
But, how far do we practice that?
*I am questioning myself*
I know that it is the surah, telling about the success for a mukmin.
I am easily forget that!! *my bad*
Just a simple ayat, but surely it provides the greatest meaning.

The other ayat is 23 and 24, in surah Yusuf.
We are discussing how can prophet Yusuf could 'defend' himself from Zulaikha.
To think on a situation where there is only a woman and a man, and nothing happen..
is such an impossible thing!
But the Prophet really could manage that.
1) Because he asks Allah's help
2) He is a sincere person. Sincere when doing anything that please Allah.
3) He has never easily give up to pray.

One main point that is really striking for me is when Kak Anis shares ayat from Surah 15: 39 & 40.
These two ayah said that the devil will disturb all of us EXCEPT the one who are sincere in the action.
Subhanallah. And this evening, I read an article from a blog, also about the sincerity.
here the link::::

ps: Reflect on yourself. In all the actions that you have done today.. Are you sincere? Are you doing that to please people or HIM?
ps: When Kak Anis asks, what do I want to do in Islam. And I said, I want to practice Islam and try my best to spread it even a small thing, in any ways. :)
ps: Happy circle is really a place for me to strengthen my soul, my heart and my mind. <3. A place to remind each other. A place to share, to care :) Oh I love!!!

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