Monday, 19 November 2012

[pray for Gaza]

Recently, there are a bunch of news about Palestine.
Palestinians are being bombed, victimized, all their places are being attacked by the Laknatullah Israil.
Regardless their age, gender and all.

Staying in UK has exposed me to the real situation of showing the regret and sadness of this issue.
People (regardless their religion) are having demonstration.
Boycotting Israel's products. and campaign all the time.
Spreading this news. Spreading the Zioninst's cruel!
This is not an issue of Muslims.
But this is the issue of human being.
Human's right!



Forget not the doa.
As the main medium for us.
Doa connects us!
Do as much as we can. Not just doa. If we are afford to donate some of our money. Donate it.
*By the way. I have the link for the donation.

InsyaAllah. Every single deed will be counted by Allah.
He knows everything that we don't know.

Special doa: Qunut Nazilah


Some blogs that I've read are really interesting to be shared.
Here they are: , ,

ps: I don't know what the future's on. But I truly believe that Islam will win one day. InsyaALLAH :)
ps 2: Maaf ayat berterabur. Emosi x best. Sedih hati. luluh. Malu sebab diberi kesenangan dan dalam masa yang sama x begitu bersyukur. Sedangkan rakyat di sana.. Menderita.


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