Tuesday, 13 November 2012

value our friendship. should we?

 'how frequent do we remember our friends?' 
 'what is the best way to appreciate our friends?'

Alright. This entry would be just a short, simple and I'll try make it sweet. Okay? Err..
Today is the Deepavali, an eid celebrated by the Indians. There are some of my friends who are celebrating this today. However, the sad thing is today, we are going to our school visit. So, it's kinda a little sad, huh?

So, last two weeks, some of my friends and me were planning about doing a simple 'makan-makan', just to celebrate one of our India friends, in student village. But we were very busy these days. We can't really find a time to go out and shopping, (even I am out of foods, currently, not because I am lazy, but the weather is too cold..) hehe.. Okay. So yesterday we decided to order some foods, *NAWROZ* and just makan-makan. And the 'participants' are all the villagers , since most of our friends stay off-campus.

Then, we makan-makan, and we have a chit chat for about 2 hours. AAnd yeah! We are in one-Malaysia just now. We got Malays, Chinese and Indian! :)

That is the first thing. The second one would be about our celebration as well. Last two weeks, the Muslims celebrated 'Hari Raya Haji'. And it fall on Friday (which most of us don't have class) but not for me :)
So, the night before the celebration, they used my kitchen to masak-masak. And on that day, I was planning to prepare for my presentation, on the next day. Well, kalau di ikutkan, I don't want to help them to cook. And even I've told them that maybe I will not really helping them. And they were fine with that. However, aha! I was thinking that was such a very valuable time to appreciate-the time with your friends. And I'm sure you'll never have this time, when you are getting busy with work/family. So, I helped them, having chit chat until midnight.

The presentation is just about presenting anything that you've learnt. So, just present.! haha. But the next day, it turned out that my lecturer asked another person to present. ALLAH helps me.

And that things make me think about the value that we put on our friends. How do we appreciate our time with them? And how to maximize our time in this busy days :)

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  1. by the way dek, do we really use the word Eid for celebration other than Eid Adha and Eid Fitr? I did google up but can't find the info:(