Monday, 10 December 2012

[great experience]

Last week, Fariha, Afham and me managed to present about Islam to the year 8 students in Fowey Community College-as asked by the teacher.

We talked about Prayer, Ramadhan, Hijab, Halal & Haram, show ur movement in prayer and any open questions that theyw ant to ask.

So alhamdulillah. All went well :)
Thanks to all who has contributed to this presentation.
I managed to note down some of the questions in the class.

And I would love to share it here. Wait aaa.. Wanna copy and paste from Microsoft Word~ :P

1.       Misconceptions in Islam

2.       Does Muslim women have job?

3.       Is it possible that Allah creates religions? Islam is the same religion with others?

4.       Do you choose to be Muslim?

5.       Pray 5 times a day; is it a burden?

6.       Can a woman give birth to a male doctor?

7.       Why we should say ‘Peace be upon him’ when we hear the Prophet’s name?

8.       Apart from pork, is there any other food that you can’t take?

9.       Can a Muslim woman swim?

10.   Why slaughter?

11.   Issue of interest; ‘can you give present to people’ J

12.   What happen if Muslim woman don’t wear hijab?

13.   Any other special month except Ramadhan?

14.   Why can’t we take alcohol?

15.   Show the movement of prayer.

16.   Does the recitation for every prayer is similar or nor?

17.   Why does Ramadhan change every year?

18.   Expectation of age to wear hijab? Prayer? Fasting?

19.   Is lottery is allowed if the money is used for the charity?
Some of the questions are quite controversy. Ehexs~ *For the year 8 students*
But it was really pleased to answer their questions. It showed that they are curious to know about Islam.
Fariha asked me to write a FB note about this questions, with the answer. InsyaALLAH sometime in next week. InysaALLAH.
*One of the students said that Muslims are very committed towards their religion* J
Look! They are so sweet! Aren't them? :D

~Entah kenapa blog ni kena blocked oleg Abang Google Chrome :( Terima kasih Abang Internet Explorer~ :D


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