Thursday, 3 January 2013

[Merindui saat ada roomate]


Several days before, there was a friend came and stay in my room.
For 3 nights.

We chatted, ate, laugh, shared thoughts.
And I don't know why suddenly I missed the moments in the hostel.
Where I used to have roomates.

That thing is not happening here-in UK.
We are given one room per each person

There are some advantages and disadvatages here.
But who knows?

Happiness. U need to find it.
To live alone is really not my type.
Go and mingle with some people.
That is what happiness meant to me (:

Teringat pulak satu status from a senior.

'"The only way to stop the pain in your life is to accept the fact that nothing happens without the permission of Allah." Yes, He has plans for each and everyone of us. InshaAllah"

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