Tuesday, 5 March 2013

[Opening ceremony with Sham Kamikaze] -1-

Alhamdulillah. It was really great to have Brother Sham coming from Malaysia and share some info with us. Last Sunday, my friend and me went to Manchester for their Islamic Carnival opening ceremony. It was really good to be with the Manchester people who are very kind and I could see their effort in launching their project. And I would say that this carnival is going to be a superb program. Congratulations to the MCOT committee (:


So, here I would like to share some point that I got from Brother Sham's talk. 

Firstly, the MC asked him about his involvement with music industry,
to be specific - how can he become a guitarist?

- He is from the family who love music. His father played (alamak, I totally forgot what instrument did his father play). But his father played that music instrument for the police committee.
- His mother could also play an instrument (I also forgot this one!) =,=''
- Brother Sham told the superiority of music in Rasulullah SAW era.
- Kisah Aisyah r.a bermain satu alat music. (Not really music instrument, but more to produce sound from something). Then his father, Sayyidina Abu Bakar r.a, when heard that sound, got angry with Aisyah. But Rasulullah SAW, did not angry and asked Abu Bakar to just let Aisyah play it. See, even Rasulullah appreciate music. (=
- Seccond story, Rasulullah attended a wedding ceremony of kaum Ansar, and then there was no music at all. Rasulullah asked, why were there no music at all? Rasullullah said, 'bukankan kaum ini sukakan music? So, turn the music on'. 
- Lagu- hukumya HARUS didengar selagi mana lyrics nya okay.
- Music has made Brother Sham to go around the world. He performed everywhere, with superstars. And then, he became careless. Careless and lost because of the enjoyment that he had...

...... to be continued....


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