Sunday, 7 April 2013

[contengan jalanan]

Hlovate's second book that I read. The first one was Versus. hehehe..

This book is superbly cool! Sangat chillex- (chill + relax) but the messages are there. Nicely written.
And this is the first time I read a novel and I put my Quran besides it. Cool!
There are some advices in it and I put 'marker' on the sentences in the chapters in it. Hehehe.

It has two sections which tells the story of Fend and K2 (K square) on how they back to the way of Islam. 

This book is about some friends in a band who were enjoying their life with music. Every single time in their life is about music/art. Wow0!

This is a story of Fend who is very into music and care less about his obey towards ALLAH. Until one time when he feels lonely, empty and lost. He thinks of what would be the end of his life as a member of a band.

Until one day, he met a girl who gives him a CD with a short film entitled-The Eleventh Hour. Then his cousin brings him to Australia and there he found a what does it meant with life. So, he starts changing to a better person.

The second section of the novel is about K2. The story is just about the same. But the way he found the real way of Islam is a bit different with Fend's. I shall not tell everything here!

Guess it's the time for you to read it! (: 



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