Friday, 10 May 2013

[sweet advice from seniors + lecturers]

Few days ago (08 May 2013), we had our farewell party.
We celebrated it earlier since there are some of us who will be leaving earlier and also to make sure that every body is gathered (Students + lecturers). 
Everything went well.

The special part that I will remember would be the performance by our lecturers and also the advice given by our seniors =)

Here are the links:

there is one special advice which 'touches' my heart when one of the seniors said that,

There are be a lot of challenges when we go back to Malaysia. Things would definitely not be the same. However, please think back on WHY do we choose this program (TESL).

Well, it's true. We [I] have been complaining on the challenges that we [I] face throughout the journey of becoming an English teacher. With the assignments, classes all day, homeworks, presentations and discussion. But I always forget that I am the one who choose this program. So, the responsibility is on me. Not anyone else. Hopefully, my intention of becoming a teacher is not  for payment or popularity,  but to get the redha from ALLAH and to help people for a betterment in life. 

[This is not the end]

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