Monday, 17 June 2013

[It's good to be home]

Hola hola hooo!!

I'm home!
For a month. Before going to maktab and start our class as usual.

It's really good to be home
Meeting our families and friends.
To see their faces
Full of hope and happiness

It's good to be home
To know that our journey is still too long
Our responsibilities are yet to be done
To serve the country, the people

It's good to be home 
To know that we appreciate our past time
With our classmates, housemates, lecturers, locals.
How time flies.

Mode: Missing them badly #_#

[me + GRazia (from Italy]

[me + Mummy Maria from Brazil]

[me + Violet from South Africa]

Above are my pictures with my housemates. I started thinking how lucky I am to have them - even though at first I had no thought on how will I live with them. I managed to practise my English conversation and I could also learn their culture and so do them (: Alhamdulillah.