Saturday, 9 November 2013

[great brother and senior]

This morning, something has come out and my plan to Kota Bharu town changed to the next day insyaAllah.
So, I asked one of my housemates to take our breakfast somewhere near Kedai Merah (the kedai we used to eat most everyday dulu2). So both of us planned to have roti canai there and alhamdulillah, it's our rezeki.

And suddenly, my eyes terpandang someone who I knew last three years. He was the one that helped us for our Dikir Barat performance in Sarawak (three years ago). Okay, back to the story. We had a chat with him and there were really a lot of stories that we discussed.

His very first question was: 'menyesal tak ambik course perguruan ni?'

Then I replied, 'there's no use of being regretful. Tinggal lagi satu sem ja kat sini

Then I asked him: 'Awat? Menyesal ka?'

Sejak dua tahun ni rasa menyesal jugak.

Is it because of the system?


Tu la.. Selalu dengaq orang complain jah. Is there nothing positive about it?

There are positive things. To the students. For the teachers, totally nope.

Okay. Perbualan terhenti sebentar. Then he continued.

Orang yang mengelola sistem ni bukanlah dari background perguruan. 

Then kitorang cerita pasal benda lain. Salah satu topic yang tak boleh lari adalah 'kahwin'. When I said someone from our class will be getting married tomorrow. Mukanya shocked gila!
I asked why then he said that suddenly he remembered when he was in our age and shared his love story.. hehehe (;

By the way, he came here (Pengkalan Chepa) to have a course in JPN, but when he arrived there at 8, no body is there and suddenly My Azizi said that the program will be held here. Phew!

Then I asked lah, 'nanty kalau kami jadi cikgu, adakah akan merasai suasana macam ni jugak?

With a smile, he said 'kalau kita nak buat baik, ajak orang. Kalau nak buat jahat, buat diam2' *teheee.. paham2*

Suddenly ada dua orang budak berpakaian sekolah lalu on the other side of road. This great man asked us, 'apa cikgu disiplin boleh buat kalau dapat budak macam ni?'

Then I tried to be husnudzon with the students. Saying that they might be having meeting or discussion since they are in the evening session class. erk!

Well, Pokwe was and is a disciplinary teacher at his school. Listening to his story about the discipline case in his schools made us disbelieved that that was the students who did that. Y_Y
Then I asked lah how did he deal with all this problems/challenges. He said,

a teacher should never lose to his/her students. It's good that we admit our mistakes but we should be better and greater than them. That's how we teach them. 

I believe he will be a great teacher one day (:

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