Sunday, 3 November 2013

Off-class for five days

Two days ago, we were told that we will be having  5 days-off class starting from Friday (I November 2013) until Tuesday. Friday and Saturday are teh weekend. Sunday is an off-day because of Deepavali celebration. Monday is the 'cuti peristiwa' for Kelantan vs Pahang final football match.Tuesday is for Awal Muharam.. So, why waste your time? Aha!! I planned with my housemates to jalan-jalan and do some activities during this holiday. Yelah. Assignment memang ada. Exam pun. Tapi, apa salahnya sambil-sambil tu berjalan (:

#Day 1 -01112013

Day 1 for KB Mall - nothing much. Just found favourite book collection - Hlovate's (:
YAbebabeduuu!!!#Iamsohappy!  And also found cheap hand socks + brooches! Oh ya! Ada jugak pameran pampers + kotex + tissues dan sejenis dengannya. Both of us didn't really spend much time there because we went after Asar. So, dah lewat & balik lah lepas satu round pusing2..


Day 2 for Tok Bali. Tour Beach katanya. Eheh. tengah-tengah hari p ke pantai. Tobat lahum lah hitam! aHa!
So, three of us went there sebab yang lain-lain ada hal masing2. By the way, Happy Diwali to all Indians!! (:

#Day 3-03112011

So, my third day was going to my classmate's house at Kuala Krai for Diwali celebration. A very happy family. And we had a calm and warm welcome (: Thanks Shan and family!! 

Ha! Ni lah hasil study tutorial bawal di youtube. lol!

*Patutnya lain jadinya, belit-belit lain pulak jadinya. Hantamlah

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