Thursday, 19 June 2014

[Freedom at home]

I feel this freedom when I'm at home because I am free of the influence of my friends. Oh yea. Please think positive. This is not about I am not good with my friends. But, one thing about me is that I am a person who is easily influenced when I am with my friends. When it comes to making a decision, I felt it quite burdensome when I had to kinda follow my friends' decision. But I think this is not a problem with them but it is more about me. I am not strong enough to voice out everything that I felt. Or everything that I think. 

One more thing, being in maktab was like being in prison. Well, I do not point this to all maktabs around Malaysia. And this might be for me only. We were to do like extra workSSS than everyone else. Think of it is yes, we got extra experience which we can use it in the future. But, to see that value is like ......

Anyway, I am home now!! I gotta spend the time wisely with my family. Yes! There's a lot to do- which I will tell in the next entry, When I'm at home, I can decide the things on myself only.That feeling is like a WOW!! i am so gonna update my blog as much as I can. I am free!!!

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