Sunday, 6 July 2014

[Lempeng a.k.a pancake]

It has been a long time since I last posted on recipe. So, for this Ramadhan + break before I have my posting, I'll share as much as recipe that I learn and try at home. And you know what, I think I have fallen in love with cooking. Yeah. I like it. :D Alright. This entry will be about pancake. Or in Malay, we call it 'lempeng', na naa naa.. not Lempang okay?! 

So here we go, the ingredients needed are:

Plain flour
Salt & Sugar [S&S]
Coconut flakes
Egg [1]

1-- Mix all ingredients that I've highlighted above. About the quantity, Well, it's up to you. It depends on how many servings are you making. 
2-- Melt the butter in a pan. Then, spread the mixture above. If you are good enough, you can make a circle shape of it. Haa!! Macam dekat kedai tu. Like mine, memang x menjadi lah.
3-- After garing, you flip the pancake. Then it's done~!!

Hahaha!! Look at my pancake. When I flipped it, dia macam berpecah pulakk.. Haish!

And this one was after few pancakes lah.. hihi.. menjadi jugak lah the bulat tu..

 Anyway, selamat mencuba!!

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