Wednesday, 15 October 2014

[open your heart and give love]

Few days ago, I read a short story (an experience actually) from Chicken Soup for the Soul. This experience was shared by Alan Cohen. The story was about a guy who was in love with a girl - but not for the girl. So,he made a move to talk with her - at a shopping mall where she works. In turns out that the girl didn't give any sign of interested with him. 
*disappointed mood on*

So, here comes the second attempt. He made a card for her. He managed to give it to her. Unluckily, the same thing occurred. The girl simply replied 'Thanks' without even looking at the card yet. So, he just made an exit.  

However, this pity guy felt extraordinary ease after he confessed his feeling to her (by giving card). All the ill-at-ease feeling turned out to be great! He felt ease. Why? Do you want to know WHY?

After he made the exit, he realised that the point was about  expressing his love to the lady. Not about the girl accepting and returning his love. He learnt one new thing - that he should open his heart, give love without requiring anything in return. I love this phrase. We can actually reflect on our life. We (read me) always do something by hoping people's value and appreciation. We hope people will praise and treasure us.  Well, that's bad. Really bad. People's thoughts/values shouldn't be the priority of us to do something. Because we will  be very hurtful if they don't value us. So, come on,start now! Change our behaviour. It's about giving - not receiving. 

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