Sunday, 2 November 2014

[of rindu UK]

Yes. Been there (The United Kingdom) for almost three years. Truly, I missed the place. Miss the place for teaches me the value of grateful,appreciating, friendship, trust and love.

1. Value of being grateful

First of all, I really was/am grateful for being chosen as one of those who can further the study abroad. Ask everyone. Are there anyone who do not think of furthering study overseas? *well, there might be some, but I believe most of use would dream of it. Right?*.To Allah the Almighty, thank you for placing me here. There are a lot of things that I valued. Of family, friends, teachers and of course myself. 

The view in the UK was really a breathtaking. Plymouth is situated at the end of England-near the sea. There is one place here called Land's End. Fuhh! Such a great place! Thank you Allah for giving me opportunity to view such a fantastic view!

This s Land's End. The end of England.

2. Value of appreciating

I appreciate the hard work done by the government.I also value the effort done by lecturers (especially in IPG KKB). To Madam Nori who we know for being soo strict, ask us to this and that, thank you so much! I still remembered the day when we hiked Stong mountain in Gua Musang - in rainy day! Pheww! And it was still fresh in my mind when I asked madam,

Me: Madam, what if it rains? (considering that the hiking would be cancelled)
Madam: If it rains, then we wet.
Me: ...........

Plymouth-the place I study, is hilly and it turns out that it s pretty wet especially when the weather changes.!! Aha! From that point, there was really 'serve at my right' thinking that I kept complaining doing the hiking years ago. Besides, we did also activities like kayaking, field trip (to Kedah, KL, Sarawak) and organizing some programs/events with schools. Phew! Too many things we did in our foundation course and yet too much complaints! HAHA! Because we (read I) could not see the treasure that hide between those activities. Madam was trying to teach us the value of friendship/cooperation/work hard/independent and strength. Once again. Thank you madam.

Besides, I also realise that I appreciate myself more. How? Truly speaking, being in the UK has changed myself. Not a lot. But quite a major for my appearance and behaviour. I am not a really a modest person. (sama je sekarang pun). hehe. But to join usrah (gatherinf for the sake of sharing) and joining some programs held by the students there, has somehow opened up my heart and mind in Islam. Yes. In m own religion. As time flies, I changed the way I appeared in public (I guess not much, but still there is). I am no wearing a niqab,or long veil, but at least I am not selimpangkan my tudung anymore. Also, I controlled my personality especially in front of boys. Dah tak menyanyi rock kapak kuat-kuat dah. Uhuxs! I really miss usrah time. I still can remember when there were seniors of cohort 5 and marjon 1, we will held a gathering to recite al-Kahfi. Then some sharing and makan-makan. Quite awkward at first,, Maklumlah, x pernah baca kahfi setiap Jumaat pun, but it becomes a routine after a few practices. Sampai satu tahap, rasa kosong pulak kalau usrah is postponed or cancelled. -.-

3. Value of friendship

Being in a place when we are far apart from our families make us feel stronger together. We always organise events to promote Malaysia to the English, which we need to cook and plan things together. This kind of events helped us to know each other better and indirectly made our friendship greater. 

4. Value of trust

Trust to Allah the Almighty, trust to myself and trust to friends. I felt this when I go travelling-especially during the semester break. The most fundamental is trust Allah. I depend a lot on Allah's mercy and help. We know we need Allah when we have no people around, don't we? -.-....  When I went travelling with friends,I put my trust on them. Of anything happens, we can somehow rely on them. Most importantly, trusting yourself. This is because we are strangers at somebody's place. In most of the decision, we should make it on our own.And if we do not trust ourselves, how do we decide?

5. Value of love

I found that my love towards the religion, country, family and friends become stronger. When we are far from our family, we felt something is missing and slowly love grows. UK is different from Malaysia. There are more differences than the similarities in term of food, weather, people and culture. And these differences made my love to Malaysia becomes stronger and greater. #LoveIslam #Loveyourfamily #Loveyourcountry #LoveMalaysia 

Once again, thank you UK! Thank you Plymouth!

That's all. Bye

**On top of these, I miss the strong wifi there! BHAHAHA! 

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